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Office for Students regulatory framework, notices and advice

We are on the Office for Students (OfS) Register and are required to comply with the Office for Students Regulatory Framework, Notices and Advice[1], including the General Conditions of Registration and Specific Ongoing Conditions of Registration[2]. The conditions, along with indicators of how these conditions are met, are outlined here.

Student Continuation

The Office for Students (OfS) is the independent regulator of higher education in England. It has imposed a regulatory requirement for Bloomsbury Institute Limited to publish and meet targets which aim to improve the continuation rates of its students. Continuation rates are a way of measuring the proportion of students who are still studying in higher education a year after they began their course. The higher a provider’s continuation rate, the more of its students are still studying in this way. The OfS has imposed this requirement because continuation rates at Bloomsbury Institute Limited have historically been below the minimum acceptable level required for registration with the OfS. This minimum acceptable level is designed to protect students from low quality courses that deliver weak outcomes and the OfS considers that Bloomsbury Institute Limited needs to improve the number of its students who continue their studies.

Start Date
2021 – 222022 – 232023 – 242024 – 25
Student Continuation Target71%74%77%80%
Milestone 1: Student retention rate at end of Semester 186%89%92%95%
Milestone 2: Student retention rate at end of Semester 281%84%87%90%
Milestone 3: Internal student continuation rate at Student Continuation Assessment Date61%64%67%70%

You can view the initiatives we are implementing. in 2021 – 22 to support student continuation here.

Student Progression

We are committed to helping each and every one of our students define what success means to them.

Whether that be further study, a professional career or setting up their own business, we support students in building the lives they want to live.

Our brand new Let’s Grow programme has been specially designed and developed to help our students, and alumni, prepare for life after graduation. Our Let’s Grow Strategic Measures demonstrate the commitments we have made towards student progression.

[1] See:

[2] Specific Condition B3A – student continuation target & Specific Condition B3B – commitments relating to student continuation

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