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Information, advice and guidance

We provide comprehensive information to enable applicants to make an informed choice about which is the most suitable course for them.  We provide promotional material in both hard copy and electronic copy.  Our Head of Communications and Head of Quality and Compliance ensures that, in accordance with our Information Control Procedures, all our promotional materials are: (i) accurate, relevant, current and accessible; and (ii) are compliant with relevant legislative provisions (e.g. consumer protection; data protection; equal opportunities).  In addition, our Head of Communications undertakes a periodic audit of our promotional materials.

We may engage in relationships with selected student recruitment agents worldwide. Such agencies would help applicants by providing information, advice and guidance on finding course to study with us, and may offer additional assistance to applicants.

We hold regular open days, visit days and offer holder days for applicants.  These provide applicants with the opportunity to visit our campus, learn about our facilities and speak to staff and students about our courses.  Enquirers are allocated a named member of staff from within the Student Recruitment Department before an application is submitted. This enables them to have a named contact to reach out to if they have questions or concerns.

Further information can be obtained by emailing, or by telephoning 020 7078 8840.

Our Admissions team keep applicants up-to-date throughout the processing stagesStaff ensure that relevant additional information, including course details, our Terms and Conditions and information about funding, are sent out with our offers, to help prospective students make an informed decision.

Quality and Enhancement Manual