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Student Satisfaction

The 2023 National Student Survey (NSS) of final-year undergraduate students, ranked us #1 in London for our Law degree and #2 in the whole of England for student positivity.  We are so proud of what our students say about us.

Student satisfaction results

Ranked 1st for law in London

We’re 2nd in the UK for Student Positivity
in the UK for 'Student Positivity'
Our Law Degree is ranked 1st in London, and 2nd in England
in London for our Law Degree
Our Business Degree is ranked 2nd in London, and 3rd in England
in London for our Business Degree
We are also ranked 2nd in London for student satisfaction for 'Student Voice'
in London for 'Student Voice'
What is the NSS?

The NSS is an independent, UK-wide survey completed by 4.5 million final-year students in 400 institutions every year. The NSS asks questions relating to student experience and course quality, helping prospective students choose where to study. You can find a breakdown, by factor and questions, here.

How we add value

We aim to enable our students to discover their potential, strength, and influence, to make a difference in society through their education and beyond. We seek to add value to the educational journey by providing education and ensuring our activities are competitive, current, and cost-effective.

Work-ready degrees

Our degree courses are accredited by relevant professional bodies, so, should students wish to become a Chartered Accountant, Legal Executive, or Manager, they can qualify quicker with a Bloomsbury Institute degree.

Accessible Admissions

We welcome students from all backgrounds and take accessibility seriously. If they have the potential and ambition to succeed in higher education, we want to make that happen. Our academic and professional services staff will support them to successfully negotiate whatever challenges they face.

First-rate facilities

Teaching takes place in state-of-the-art facilities which our students have exclusive access to during the day. Through our relationship with Birkbeck College, our students also have access to the University of London’s libraries and social spaces.

Free laptop

Bloomsbury Institute’s laptop offer is part of our commitment to making higher education accessible to everyone. To ensure that students have all they need to complete their studies with us, we have pledged to provide a free laptop to every Bloomsbury Institute student.

Travel bursaries

Our travel bursary is equivalent to the cost of a Transport for London (TfL) Travelcard for Zones 1 – 6. Bloomsbury Institute students, whose studies are funded by the Student Loans Company, receive additional funds through their loan payments so that they do not have to worry about the cost of getting to class or exploring London.

Support to find work

We provide a wealth of support, employability courses and resources including one-to-one tuition, CV clinics and employability workshops.

Bloomsbury Law Clinic

We provide free legal advice to people who are not eligible for legal aid and cannot afford to pay. The Bloomsbury Law Clinic provides law students with clinical experience, and non-law students with the opportunity to develop their transferrable skills.

Bloomsbury Radio

Our radio station serves the communities of Bloomsbury, Fitzrovia, and King’s Cross whilst providing students with the opportunity to experience community broadcasting and develop public-speaking, newsgathering, and a whole host of transferable skills.


Our students have consistently expressed high levels of overall satisfaction with their student experience at Bloomsbury Institute in the NSS, we have outperformed the sector over the last five years. Bloomsbury Institute, as a higher education provider, offers clear value for money by OfS standards as well as internal robust monitoring processes and policies.

Overall positivity 2023
Sector average
Overall positivity 2023

Want to talk to someone?

Do you have a question for us? Talk to our application experts, you can also ask our Student Ambassadors about life at Bloomsbury Institute.

We’re here Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm (except bank holidays).