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Admissions, Recruitment and Widening Access

We have explicitly separated the function of recruitment from that of admissions.

Our Student Recruitment Department undertake a broad range of activities, including outreach, open days, offer holder days and taster days to encourage prospective applicants to apply.

Our Admissions Department, alongside our Academic Division, is responsible for the processes relating to the application and selection process, all the way through to enrolment.

Like all higher education providers in the UK, the QAA Quality Code states we must meet certain Expectations for Admissions, Recruitment and Widening Access.

QAA Quality Code Expectations

For Standards:

  • The value of qualifications awarded to students at the point of qualification and over time is in line with sector-recognised standards.
    • Effective admissions, recruitment and widening access policies and procedures enable providers to recruit students who are capable of meeting the required standards for their course.

For Quality:

  • From admission through to completion, all students are provided with the support that they need to succeed in and benefit from higher education.
    • Admissions, recruitment and widening access sets the tone of engagement for a student with their provider and the wider sector. Therefore the support a student receives from pre-entry to enrolment will be instrumental in laying the foundations for a successful educational experience.

What’s next?

Within the Expectations above, the QAA Quality Code also sets out Core Practices that we need to meet – see below. Go to How we do things below to see our approaches in meeting these Core Practices.


Where an applicant believes there are valid reasons for complaining about how their application has been dealt with, or how the Student Protection Plan has been applied, the applicant should make a complaint to the Deputy Chief Operating Officer using the Admissions Complaint Form. The completed form should be emailed to

The complaint must come from the applicant and must be submitted within three months of the conclusion of the admissions process against which the complaint is being made. A response will be provided to the complainant within 21 calendar days of receipt of the complaint. 

If the applicant is not satisfied with the response they receive, they may appeal this decision.


If an applicant is not satisfied with the response received following their complaint, they can submit a written appeal to the Head of Compliance by letter to: 

Head of Compliance 

Bloomsbury Institute 

7 Bedford Square 

London WC1B 3RA

Quality and Enhancement Manual