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Core Practices

Like all higher education providers in the UK, the QAA Quality Code states we must meet a Core Practice for Concerns, Complaints and Appeals that the QAA have set out within their Expectations for this area. See How we do things for our approach in meeting these.

The required Core Practice for Concerns, Complaints and Appeals is:

Core Practice: Quality

  • The provider has fair and transparent procedures for handling complaints and appeals which are accessible to all students.
    • In practice, this means that providers have formal mechanisms for handling complaints and appeals.

Common Practice for Quality:

The QAA Quality Code also has a Common Practice that whilst not mandatory for us to follow, we still feel this is relevant to us and that we can show we do it. It is:

  • The provider reviews its core practices for quality regularly and uses the outcomes to drive improvement and enhancement.
    • In practice, this means that providers ensure impartial investigation of student concerns, complaints and appeals by having investigating officers with an appropriate level of separation from day-to-day operational managers and decision-makers within the provider (or its collaborative partners).
      They regularly review and enhance assessment policies, procedures and processes as they relate to quality to ensure they remain fit for purpose and take account of changing circumstance, demands and pedagogical developments. Providers have formal mechanisms in place for learning from concerns, complaints and appeals.

Quality and Enhancement Manual