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Corporate and Academic Governance Framework

Regulation 139 of our Articles provides for the adoption of a Corporate and Academic Governance Framework which includes:

  • an articulation of the relationships between the company’s shareholders, directors, management and any other stakeholders;
  • the establishment of an Academic Committee that includes in its membership external academic advisors and student representatives, and to which the directors delegates responsibility for academic governance that includes, in particular, responsibility for ensuring the effective setting and maintaining of academic standards and the assuring and enhancing of academic quality, the irrevocable right to make all decisions related to academic awards which cannot be compromised by the Board of Directors or the shareholders, and which has the right to advise the shareholders, directors and management of the company; and
  • the establishment of an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee that shall include in its membership student representatives, and to which the directors shall delegate responsibility for, inter alia, determining the company’s strategic direction in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion, and ensuring this is articulated in the company’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, and reflected in all other policies and procedures.

Our Corporate and Academic Governance Framework is structured as follows:

  • Section 2 sets out our corporate governance arrangements
  • Section 3 sets out our academic governance arrangements
  • Section 4 sets out our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion arrangements; these arrangements are set out separately, because they span across both corporate governance and academic governance
  • Section 5 sets out how we measure performance

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