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Timetables, term dates and academic calendars

On this page you can find gerneral information about term and assessment dates.


Use MyTimetable to find out where and when your classes take place.

The term dates below outline when classes are taking place and are not your personalised timetable. You will need to log-in to the MyTimetable Portal using your LON login details to view a detailed breakdown of when and where your classes take place. Once you have enrolled with us, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access MyTimetable.

Please note that timetables are only published for the upcoming term, timetables for your next term will be published nearer to the start of that term. Check out our FAQs page for further help, you can also email the timetabling team if you would like to speak to someone.

Examination timetables

Assessment timetables are published near examination periods. If you have exams coming up, then you can find the details for them in SharePoint.

Term dates

The Bloomsbury academic year runs from October to September and is split into three terms. Only students who are studying a postgraduate degree or an accelerated undergraduate degree will have classes in the academic year’s third term.

2023 – 2024Term startTerm end
Term 19 October 202322 December 2023
Term 28 February 202426 April 2024
Term 3Undergraduate: 10 June 2024
Postgraduate: 8 July 2024
Undergraduate: 23 August 2024
Postgraduate: 20 September 2024

2024 – 2025Term startTerm end
Term 1 7 October 202420 December 2024
Term 23 February 202525 April 2025
Term 39 June 202522 August 2025
2025 – 2026Term startTerm end
Term 16 October 202519 December 2025
Term 22 February 202624 April 2026
Term 38 June 202621 August 2026

Academic calendars

The PDFs below plot important institute-wide dates, such as enrolment, submission and pre-reading periods across the academic year. When selecting an academic calendar below, please note that ‘start’ refers to the start of the academic year, not necessarily when you started studying with us.

June 2024 start

February 2024 start

October 2023 start

June 2023 start