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Working with our education partners enables us to determine together how we can add value to young people’s learning experiences throughout their education, leaving no one behind.


How we can support your curriculum

The Bloomsbury education experience is unique. Our personalised approach will ensure barriers or challenges students may have faced in the past do not determine their future.

We aim to work effectively with our education partners, determining together how we can add value to students’ learning experience, careers education and contribute practically to breaking down barriers, widening participation, and leaving no one behind.

We do this by providing both civic engagement and subject-specific workshops in Law, Accounting and Finance, Business and Management, and practical employability sessions either at an external school/college/partner location or at the Bloomsbury Institute’s campuses.

Purpose-driven and committed educators are at the heart of our community.  They can visit your school or college and deliver a range of interactive workshops to students in Years 12 and 13, or in Further Education Year 1 and 2. Some of our workshops are suitable for Years 9, 10 and 11 too.

Our activities align to Gatsby Benchmarks , as detailed below.

Our Offer

WorkshopTarget AudienceCohort SizeDurationGatsby
Law, Careers, CILEx and Beyond; how the student can break down the barriers to law: We discuss the different routes into a career in law and what students need to do to progress into the Legal Profession. We also explore the Chartered Legal Executive (CILEx) route into law and how this can be an ideal way to qualify for some students. Delivered by Ian Miller and/or Kirsty Allison.Suitable for 6th Form students who are interested in finding out more about Law as a career optionThis workshop is most valuable with small cohorts of engaged students. 20 MaximumFlexible1, 2
How to Change Your World Through Entrepreneurship: In this Classroom Takeover, our lecturers give students a flavour of what it’s like to study in higher education in 2023, demonstrating how studying for a degree is a very different experience to what people might imagine. We give a lecture taken from our own Foundation Year programme that develops students’ business ideas, including how our own values can help shape and improve society. Delivered by Dr Jamie Cawthra and/or Tom Ironmonger. This workshop is suitable for Year 12 and 13, or mature and engaged Year 11.Up to cohorts of 40Flexible3, 7
What is a HEI and how do they differ from Universities?  This workshop explores what type of students HEIs attract, and their key differences, in the context of Bloomsbury Institute. A 20 minute presentation from the Head of Student Recruitment followed by a 5 minute presentation from a current Bloomsbury student and a Q and A session.This presentation is suitable for Years 12 to 13 who are considering their next stepsUp to cohorts of 40, but more valuable with cohorts of maximum 2040 minutes1,3, 7
Discovering careers in Law, Accountancy, Business and Management. This targeted workshop provides students access to our Academics who are also highly qualified, practicing professionals. Dr Nnamdi Obiosa, Ian Miller and Marcus Astley. This session takes an in depth look at the type of roles within these subject areas, potential earnings and why accreditations are an important part of a degree, getting graduates practicing quicker!This workshop is suitable for small groups of Year 12 and 13, or mature and engaged Year 11.A total cohort of 30 will be split into 3 different groups of 10 to have round table discussions with our Academics.Flexible1,2,5,7
The Power of Better Conversations. A series of workshops run by our Training Development Manager here at Bloomsbury Institute, Barra Fitzgibbon. Every conversation is a chance to develop a human connection. With a focus on new thinking, active listening, and ingrained empathy, Barra can help you tap into the untold benefits of better conversations, such as career progression, increased productivity, conflict resolution, and in fact become the person you want to be.This presentation is suitable for Years 12 to 13 who are considering their next steps. Cohorts of 12-13 preferably but larger numbers can be accommodated. Flexible1,7
Radio/Podcast Learning. At Bloomsbury Institute we have a state-of-the-art Radio Station. Whether it’s in front of the mic or behind the mic, we offer all the learning you need when it comes to producing, editing and presenting your own radio show or podcast. The environment of a live radio station is second to none when it comes to developing your confidence and listening skills. Plus, you’ll learn the technical skills of running a live radio desk.This can be adapted for Year 9 to Year 13Small groups of 6 maximumFlexible6,7
How to write a personal statement?
An undergraduate personal statement is an important part of the university application process. It’s a chance to showcase your skills, achievements, talents, and why you would be great for your chosen course! Writing one can indeed be overwhelming, and our interactive workshop will break down the process leaving you with a comprehensive guide to get started with and accomplish an authentic statement.   
This workshop is suitable for Year 12 and Year 13 studentsUp to cohorts of 4030 minutes1,7
Insights into Entrepreneurship
For those who do not know it, Dragon’s Den is a popular TV show where real business owners who are looking for investment in their business do a short presentation to a panel of highly successful (and wealthy) business gurus (the Dragons). On the basis of the presentation, the Dragons will offer or decline to invest in the business.
In the exercise, you will be given some background on the Dragons. Then you will be shown some past presentations from the programme. You will be asked to evaluate them and explore why the presentations were successful or unsuccessful.

The exercise will enable pupils/learners to gain insight into how students interact in Higher Education. It will also provide insight to pupils/learners about some of the key skills required to be successful practitioners in entrepreneurial workplaces.
The exercise can be adapted for students who have a wide range of interests from Year 9 through to Year 13. .
It can be adapted for small groups of 10 to larger groups of 4030 minutes to 1 hr5, 7
Money or crypto-currency? Which is best?
In the exercise, we will explore together what is the role of banks, what is the nature of cryptocurrency, how it differs from money and which is better. We will focus in particular on bitcoin, exploring its advantages and disadvantages compared with money.
The exercise will enable pupils/learners to gain insight into how students interact in Higher Education.
The exercise can be adapted for students who have a wide range of interests from Year 9 through to Year 13. It can be adapted for small groups of 10 to larger groups of 40.7

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