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Student Engagement

We recognise that the engagement of students in our quality assurance and enhancement processes is vital in enabling the improvement of their educational experience and to benefit the wider student body. Bloomsbury Institute, in partnership with our independent Student Guild, give all of our students the opportunity to have their voices heard.

Like all higher education providers in the UK, the QAA Quality Code states we must meet an Expectation for Student Engagement. See below.

QAA Quality Code Expectation 

For Quality:

  • Courses are well designed, provide a high-quality academic experience for all students and enable a student’s achievement to be reliably assessed.
    • Learning is a partnership, the effort and engagement of students is an essential aspect of their achievement. Students provide an invaluable perspective on the conditions needed for a high-quality academic experience and how this can be continuously improved.
    • Students can provide feedback, work collaboratively with staff and other stakeholders as they consider feedback and other quality indicators and work as co-creators of the curriculum. These activities will contribute to effective course design and approval, periodic review and the recognition of high-quality teaching.

What’s next?

Within the Expectation above, the QAA Quality Code also sets out Core Practices that we need to meet – see below. Go to How we do things below to see our approaches in meeting these Core Practices.

Quality and Enhancement Manual