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Your Career

What you do with your life goes beyond income and status. Your choice of career goes to the core of who you are, therefore it’s important to make decisions that are well-informed.  Our aim is work with you to create the skills, resilience, experience and qualifications to ensure a career that provides you with purpose, inspiration and fulfilment.

Our Career Offer

All our degrees embed the skills and attributes that are expected of graduates in the modern work place. These programmes have been developed in consultation with panels of employers who have told us what they need.

Beyond the classroom, our career service is 100% bespoke because no two students are ever the same. You may have years of experience in a job or you may be coming to us straight from school. We take account of this and build support around your particular situation.

Check out a few examples of what we we offer below:

The Bloomsbury Way

Our courses have a strong career focus, because we believe that living our lives well is linked to loving what we do. We will work with you to ensure that you are a well-rounded graduate with an impressive portfolio of achievement, skills, experience and insight, ready to take the next step on your career journey.

Work experience

We can help you to find opportunities to gain valuable work experience for graduate level jobs.


We work with partners to help provide internships such as the NHS Work Placement Scheme.


We offer mentoring opportunities with executives from some of the UK’s most successful businesses, including KPMG.


We run clinics offering one-to-one support in developing your CV and personal brand, just get in touch if you’d like any advice.

SME support

SME development and  incubator support, including mentoring from former students who have gone down this route.


Career-focused training is provided for student representatives and peer advisors.

Bloomsbury Radio

As a Bloomsbury student, you have many opportunities to gain extra-curricular experience. Broadcast training is provided at Bloomsbury Radio.

Law Clinic

Law students can gain clinical experience at the Bloomsbury Law Clinic; non-law students are also encouraged to help manage the clinic.

Speak to SEWS

Your Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success team are here to help.

We’re here Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm except bank holidays.

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 If you are someone like me, that has an ambition to pursue things, like making differences in people’s lives, or having career progression. Bloomsbury is the place to be.

Abidur Rahman
BA (Hons) Business Management
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My perspective for my future has changed totally. Bloomsbury has opened my mind and shown me that there are a wide number of opportunities for me. 


Abrahan Alejandro Burgos Ayala