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Bloomsbury Institute is unique in its diversity, thanks in part to our international students and staff who come to us from all over the world. We have a big heart, daring students and staff to be different, to make things happen, and to be kind. We will leave no one behind.

How to apply to become an International Student

If you are an international applicant, you will need to apply for a Student visa from the UK Government to study with us

It is a points-based visa system for all international students (including EU, EEA, and Swiss students) who want to study in the UK. You will need to demonstrate that you meet the required 70 points, by showing that:

  • You have been offered a place on a course and have received a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) – 50 Points
  • You can speak, read, write and understand English – 10 Points
  • You have enough money to support yourself and pay for any outstanding course fees – 10 Points

But first you need to apply for your Course.

Applying for your course and CAS

Step 1: Create your account here, verify email and log in.

Step 2: Admissions will contact you within 3 working days and ask you to upload these 5 documents.

  • Academic Certificates and Transcripts
  • English Language Qualification/Test
  • Letter of Recommendation or a Reference
  • CV
  • MBA students will be required to provide proof of 2 years of supervisory/managerial experience.

Step 3: Subject to document verification and satisfaction of entry criteria, you  will then be made a conditional or unconditional offer.

Step 4: Once all verification is complete, you will be provided with access to CAS Shield where all administrative stages will be completed before the CAS is issued.

Step 5: Once ready, we will ask the you to complete an online enrolment form.

Step 6: CAS is issued, alongside a date and time for enrolment and induction, students will then be instructed on how to apply for their student visa

Please note, as part of your application, you will be required to complete an Extended Personal Statement and a pre-CAS credibility interview.

Now, you can apply for your Student Visa

You will need the following documents :

  • Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS)
  • Current and valid passport/travel document
  • Your original transcripts and certificates
  • Evidence of finances
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Tuberculosis certificate* (if you are living in a country that is listed on the UKVI website)

You may be exempt under specific conditions outlined by the UKVI.

If the entire or any part of the documents you provide are not in English or Welsh, you must also have them officially translated by a certified translator and submit the official translations with the rest of your documents.

Depending on your individual circumstance, you may be required to provide more documents. More information about the supporting documents required for your visa application can be found here.

Student visa application costs

A Student visa application costs £363 for a standard service (which takes approximately 15 working days) if applied for from outside the UK. However, you can opt to have a faster service for the following costs:

  • an additional £250 for the priority service which takes up to 5 working days for a decision to be made; or
  • an additional £956 for the super priority service which takes 1 business day for a decision to be made.

You can check if these additional services are available in your country by visiting the UKVI website.

In addition, you will also need to pay £470 per year for the Immigration Health Surcharge as part of your visa application. This gives you access to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) on generally the same basis as a UK permanent resident. More information can be found here.

Bringing your partner and/ or children to the UK

If you choose to study our MBA or MSc Management, you can bring your partner and/or children to the UK. Children must be under the age of 18. They can travel to the UK with you or at a later date within the duration of your course. More information about bringing your partner and/or children to the UK can be found here.

Applying for a Student visa extension

We can help you if you need to apply for an extension to your existing Student visa in order to finish your course. You must apply for a visa extension before your current visa expires. You can start the process and submit your application within 3 months of its expiry date.

 For more information Student visa : Overview – GOV.UK (

Have any questions?

Please don’t hesitate to speak to us! We’re here to help you and answer any questions or worries you may have. Email us on or call us on +44(0)20 7078 8843.

Alternatively you can visit our FAQ page for short answers to frequently asked questions.