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LLB Law & Legal Practice, 1-Year Top-Up

1-Year Top-Up

On our 1-Year Top-Up programme, you can study the level 6 modules of our LLB Law & Legal Practice course, which is the best-rated law course in London for student satisfaction.

Apply now to start in June or October 2024


1 year

Study mode

Full-time, Lectures, seminars and workshops 3 days per week

Start date

Apply now to start in June or October 2024

Awarding Body

Wrexham University

Tuition fees

Home: £9,250

International: £12,000


Taught at our Central London campus

UCAS code


Entry Requirements

Level 5 in English Law

What’s it like studying law?

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Before Bloomsbury I feel like I had a very negative outlook on life, but since coming here I feel like I’ve picked up on a lot of positive energy and positive habits, that I can help other people with too. It’s definitely transformed my life in a way that I couldn’t have imagined. I would describe Bloomsbury as transformative, enlightening and positive.

Nicholas-Piere Muncey
LLB Law & Legal Practice student
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How do top-up degrees work?

Step 1

You will need to have studied Level 4 and Level 5 qualifications in order to qualify for a Top-Up degree; this could be the first two years of a 3-Year undergraduate course or an equivelant qualification.

Step 2

Apply for a Top-Up degree at Bloomsbury Institute and you can study our unique and career-focussed Level 6 curriculum at our Central London campus.

Step 3

After just one year of studying with us, you will graduate with a Bloomsbury Institute degree, awarded by Wrexham University.

Course Modules

Term 1

Each module is worth 30 credits and no modules are mandatory at Level 6. You must complete two of the following four Level 6 modules in Term 1.

All optional modules are delivered subject to sufficient student demand.

Civil Litigation and Advocacy

In this module, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the key principles and techniques of Civil Litigation and Advocacy. You will develop your advocacy skills and learn how to apply them to real-life situations. Moreover, you will learn about legal professional ethics and how they apply to Civil Litigation matters. You will also become familiar with the duties of an adviser and advocate in this field.

By the end of this module, you will be able to provide practical advice and assistance on Civil Litigation and Advocacy matters. This will equip you to handle specific legal situations with confidence and skill.


Presentation 50%
Project 50%
Immigration Law and Practice

You will develop a critical understanding of the legal framework governing immigration, including the Human Rights Act, EU Law, and the UK’s immigration rules on our Immigration Law and Practice module.

In addition, you will explore the ethical considerations surrounding immigration cases and gain practical skills to apply your legal knowledge in real-life situations. Through case studies and scenarios, you will learn how to provide effective advice and assistance to clients in various immigration matters, including visa applications, asylum claims, and deportation proceedings.


Portfolio 50%
Case study 50%

If you are interested in the buying or selling of properties, then you’ll love our Conveyancing module! The module aims to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of Conveyancing. You’ll learn about legal professional ethics as they apply to Conveyancing matters, and gain the skills to critically analyse and apply key issues in practical situations. By the end of the module, you’ll be able to provide expert advice and assistance on Conveyancing matters.


Portfolio 50%
Case study 50%

Our internship module offers an exciting opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in a real-life legal setting. This module will provide you with the chance to apply your knowledge and analytical skills to real-world legal issues and develop practical solutions.

In addition to gaining valuable work experience, this module will also give you a deeper understanding of the culture and structure of a working legal environment. You’ll develop new capabilities and skills, and engage in reflective practice, all of which will be invaluable as you move forward in your legal career.

You can also complete your Internship Module in Term 2 if you would prefer.


Report 70%
Reflective practice 30%

Term 2

Each module is worth 30 credits and no modules are mandatory at Level 6. You must complete two of the following four Level 6 modules in Term 2.

All optional modules are delivered subject to sufficient student demand.

Criminal Litigation and Advocacy

If you are passionate about upholding justice and protecting the rights of the accused then this module is for you. Criminal Litigation and Advocacy are examined in this module which aims to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills required to become a successful criminal lawyer.

With a broad, detailed, and systematic understanding of the key aspects of Criminal Litigation and Advocacy, you’ll learn how to develop key advocacy skills and techniques that will help you to navigate the complexities of the legal system. You’ll also explore the principles of legal professional ethics as they apply to Criminal Litigation matters and the duties of the adviser and advocate.

Through practical exercises, case studies, and real-life scenarios, you’ll apply your knowledge to provide practical advice and assistance within the context of specific legal situations.


Presentation 50%
Project 50%
Business Law and Practice

You’ll learn how to identify and critically analyse key legal issues that arise in the context of business transactions, and provide practical solutions to complex legal problems in our Business Law and Practice Module. You’ll explore topics such as contract law, company law, intellectual property law, and employment law, and gain an understanding of the legal and regulatory framework that governs business activities.

You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the legal aspects of running a business, from contracts to company formation, and everything in between. We’ll also delve into the ethical considerations that come with advising businesses, ensuring you’re equipped to navigate the complex landscape of business law.


Portfolio 50%
Case study 50%
Wills and Probate Practice

Imagine being able to help individuals and families plan for their future and protect their assets; that’s what our Wills and Probate Practice module is all about. With a focus on practical application, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the legal principles involved in drafting wills, administering estates, and handling trusts. You’ll also develop critical thinking skills as you learn to analyse complex legal issues and provide tailored advice to clients.

By the end of this module, you’ll be equipped to apply the key principles of legal professional ethics to Wills and Probate Practice matters, and provide practical assistance within the context of specific legal situations.


Portfolio 50%
Case study 50%

Unlock your research potential with the Dissertation module. This module empowers you to choose an area of law that truly ignites your passion, dive deep into your research, and showcase your extensive knowledge in a thought-provoking dissertation. As you explore your chosen topic, you’ll develop the key skills that all graduates need – independent learning, synthesis, critical analysis, and evaluation. Through this journey, you’ll demonstrate your ability to think creatively and critically, making a valuable contribution to the legal field.


Research proposal 10%
Dissertation 90%

We use oral assessments, presentations, simulations, group, and individual, projects in addition to traditional assessment methods (examinations and coursework) so that you can explore and express your abilities in different ways. Assessments are not just a way of assessing whether something has been learned, but an opportunity to develop skills that will equip you in your future life and career.

Please note

Unlike our LLB Law and Legal Practice and Accelerated LLB Law and Legal Practice courses, our top-up course is only partially accredited by CILEx Regulation. You will gain some exemptions from the academic stage of CILEx training depending on the modules you select. The Bar Standards Board also requires you to have completed a full LLB course if you wish to train as a Barrister after graduation.

Why study with us?

Support and development

We pride ourselves on supporting each and every student on an individual basis. Disabilities, long-term medical conditions, or specific learning difficulties are never barriers to success at Bloomsbury Institute.

Free laptop

All Bloomsbury Institute students receive a free laptop to ensure everyone can access the materials they need to succeed.

Travel bursaries

Don’t let the cost of travel prevent you from success in your studies. Travel Bursaries (covering Transport for London’s Zones 1 – 6) are available to all students funded through the Student Loans Company.

Student Guild

Our Student Guild is here to support you, enhance your experience and represent your views. The Guild is student-led so get involved and help improve the Bloomsbury experience for you and fellow students.

The Bloomsbury Institute difference

Work experience on course

Students build up their hours on course, for example via Bloomsbury Law Clinic.

International scholarships

Upon graduation, all of our International Graduates receive £1,000. We also offer a £1,500 Entry Scholarship to our new MSc Accounting and Finance and MSc Finance and Wealth Management international students for the June and October 2024 intakes.

Based in Central London

In the heart of London’s education quarter, with access to Birkbeck’s vast library and resources.


Support to find work

As soon as international students are issued their CAS, they will have access to Student Circus, providing a wealth of vacancies, support, employability courses and resources.

International Student visa

The Student visa entitles students to work 20 hours per week, full-time during vacation,  and on graduation they receive a further two-year Graduate visa.

Entry requirements

You will need to have studied English Law at Level 5 in order to complete your Level 6 modules with us.

This could be:

  • The first 2 years of a 3-year undergraduate degree, in a relevant subject
  • Pearson or SQA HND in a relevant subject
  • Ofqual-accredited qualifications in a relevant subject (120 credits at Level 4 and 120 credits at Level 5) [e.g. Pearson, ATHE, Qualifi]
  • Equivalent academic or professional qualifications in a relevant subject, at Levels 4 and 5

Please do get in touch if you’re interested in studying a 1-Year Top-Up Law and Legal Practice degree with us but are unsure about your qualifications.

How the application process works

Step 1

Complete the application form to let us know which course you would like to study and your existing qualifications.

Step 2

Apply for Student Finance as soon as you have submitted your application to avoid delays.

Step 3

You will be offered a place if you meet the entry requirements, or, invited to an Admissions Assessment.

Step 4

International applicants are issued a CAS or may take a Pre-CAS Interview in order to gain a Student visa.

Step 5

Welcome to Bloomsbury Institute! Enrolment and Induction take place the week before your studies begin.

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Home students £9,250
International students £12,000

Home student fees apply to students who do not require a Student Visa to study in the UK (e.g. UK and Irish citizens; EU citizens with settled or pre-settled status). International fees are applicable to students who do require a Student Visa.

Come and say hello

Have you got a question about studying with us? Come along to our Insights into Learning webinar series, meet our team, ask any questions you might have, and learn more about life at Bloomsbury Institute.

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