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The QAA Quality Code

Within each Theme of the QAA Quality Code’s Advice and Guidance, there are Expectations which we must meet as a UK higher education provider. Expectations are split between Standards and Quality. Expectations express the outcomes that should be achieved in setting and maintaining the standards of the courses we deliver and for the managing of our provision. These Expectations are the same regardless of which Theme is being looked at but not all thematic areas have Expectations for both Standards and Quality and not all Themes include both Expectations that sit within Standards or Quality.


For Standards:

  • The academic standards of courses meet the requirements of the relevant national qualifications framework
  • The value of qualifications awarded to students at the point of qualifications and over time is in line with sector-recognised standards

For Quality:

  • Courses are well-designed, provide a high-quality academic experience for all students and enable a student’s achievement to be reliably assessed
  • From admission through to completion, all students are provided with the support that they need to succeed in and benefit from higher education

Within the Expectations, the QAA Quality Code includes Core Practices which we as a UK provider must follow; these represent effective ways of working that underpin the delivery of the Expectations and bring about positive outcomes for students. Additionally, the QAA Quality Code presents within the Expectations Common Practices that focus on enhancement and whilst these are not mandatory requirements for us as an institution based in England, we nevertheless reference them and express how we meet the practice(s).

Quality and Enhancement Manual