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Regulation, Quality and Governance

Here you will find everything you need to know about how we are governed, monitored and how we ensure rigorous quality within the development and delivery of our degrees and support services. You will also be able to delve into our corporate strategy.

Strategic Plan 2023-2025

Our Strategic Framework is split into six goals and represents our institutional strategic targets that we seek to achieve over the three-year period 2023-25.

Quality Enhancement Manual

The Quality and Enhancement Manual (QEM) sets out our Quality Assurance Framework. It aims to act as a central source of information on how we do things to provide assurance on the quality of our course delivery. This includes the key policies and procedures which guide and support our approaches to quality assurance.

Office for Students (OfS)

We are on the Office for Students (OfS) Register and are required to comply with the Office for Students Regulatory Framework, Notices and Advice, including the General Conditions of Registration and Specific Ongoing Conditions of Registration/