Section 1: Corporate and Academic Governance – Bloomsbury Institute London

Section 1: Corporate and Academic Governance

Corporate structure

Bloomsbury Institute is a private company limited by shares, incorporated on 14 August 2002 and registered at Companies House for England and Wales under Company Number 04511191.

The company is owned by shareholders and managed by directors (through a Board of Directors).

The Board of Directors comprises both executive directors (who are also employed by the company to undertake a specific role, e.g. Chief Executive Officer) and independent non-executive directors (who are not employed by the company).  The Board of Directors is unambiguously and collectively accountable for the company’s activities, and takes all final decisions on matters of fundamental concern within its remit.  Subject to this, the Board of Directors can delegate its powers to committees and/or to an executive (i.e. management).

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The company has its own Articles of Association (i.e. the company’s constitutional document). The Articles set out, inter alia, the company’s objects and powers, and the rules that relate to how the company operates.

It is through our corporate and academic governance arrangements set out within our Articles and within the Corporate and Academic Governance Framework, that we have established a private company that is significantly different to any other private company that delivers higher education.

You can download our Corporate and Academic Governance Framework here, and our Articles of Association here.

The following sections set out some of the main provisions of our corporate and academic governance arrangements:

Our objects

Corporate and Academic Governance Framework

Primary elements, core values and guiding principles

Annual review and evaluation

Entrenched provisions of the Articles of Association

Separation of powers

Amending the articles and the Corporate and Academic Governance Framework

Corporate governance arrangements

Academic governance arrangements

Financial statements

Value for money statement

Committee minutes

Office for Students regulatory framework, notices and advice

Office for Students transparency information