Curriculum Modification Procedures

Our Curriculum Modification Procedures primarily relates to modifications at the module level; however, the policy also covers modifications such as the introduction of a new pathway to an existing programme using either new or existing modules. Additionally, multiple modifications at module level may trigger the Course Approval, Withdrawal and Suspension Procedures.

Any new degree course proposals for validation or amendments to existing validated degrees will need to be submitted to our validating partner for approval following the latter’s relevant policies and procedures and advertised deadlines. This is so that the validating partner can be assured that appropriate academic standards continue to be maintained and that the learning opportunities offered to students remain appropriate following any changes. For that reason, amendments cannot be unilaterally approved by Bloomsbury Institute.

These internal procedures may be amended by the Academic Registrar (with the final approval of the Academic Committee) to ensure our procedures do not conflict with any additional requirements imposed by our validating partner.