Our facilities

Our Annual Planning Cycle is integrated in the sense that the arrangements for quality monitoring, strategic planning and budget setting are closely inter-linked, with one informing the others.  The joint meeting of our Academic Committee and the Governing Body (the Board of Directors) to consider and approve the Strategic Framework 2019-22 reinforces this integrated approach.  The inclusivity of our Annual Planning Cycle stems from the integration of Annual Course Evaluation Reports (ACERs) and Annual Monitoring and Evaluation Reports (AMERs), which involve a wide range of academic and professional support services staff, with strategic planning and budget setting.

Our partnership with Birkbeck College, University of London has now entered its tenth year and  continues to provide us with a unique position in the private Higher Education sector. The majority of our teaching takes place within Birkbeck College. Our students have access to Birkbeck College’s library (including borrowing rights). In addition, our students are enrolled as associate members of Student Central (previously the University of London (Students’) Union (ULU)). Our aim is to provide students with a high-quality educational experience within an academic community which promotes learning and personal development.