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Student representation

In many ways, the Bloomsbury Institute Student Guild operates just like a typical student union found in the UK. When students enroll with us on a course they automatically become members of the Student Guild. Of course members have the right to opt-out of membership.

The Student Guild is independent from Bloomsbury Institute and has its own governance and management arrangements. In accordance with our Corporate and Academic Governance Framework, the Student Guild facilitates the election and placement of Student Reps to sit as student members in Bloomsbury Institute meetings including Academic Committee, the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee, Course Committees and the Student Staff Consultative Forum. In addition, Student Reps (usually the Student President and one other Student Rep or Trustee) attend our Board of Directors meetings. We also have an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee where students (not necessarily Student Reps) also attend and give their voice.

Student Reps collectively form the Student Guild’s Student Council which is in place to provide a consultative function for the Student Guild’s Board of Trustees (its governing body). Student Council members help to shape the strategy and growth of the Student Guild.

We very much believe that active engagement around student representation depends on us providing support and guidance to the Student Guild. To this end, our Student Staff Liaison Manager (SSLM) provides a clear communicative link between the Institute and the Student Guild (the student body). The SSLM works very closely with the Student Guild in assisting with Student Rep training and the ongoing oversight of Student Rep engagement within Bloomsbury Institute. The SSLM is an Appointed Trustee (by the Institute) on the Board of Trustees.

Following their election by fellow students, Student Reps are required to undertake compulsory training. The training covers the key information and processes that Student Reps need to know. For example, their role within Bloomsbury Institute versus within the Student Guild, how to gather feedback from those they represent and then how to feedback to students.

In partnership with the SSLM and to complement training, the Student Guild Manager will provide a comprehensive and detailed guide for Student Reps as well as a much shorter summary document for quick reference and a reminder of ‘how to’s’.

Quality and Enhancement Manual