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Strategies and culture

We are committed to student engagement throughout our organisation and have embedded student representation in all of our academic decision-making meetings. In addition, we include student representation on our Board of Directors. Our Corporate and Academic Governance Framework provides detail on each of our deliberative academic meetings as well as our Board of Directors.

We are continually looking to instill a culture of student engagement. For example, a Relationship Agreement that formally sets out how both we and our Student Guild work together is being worked on and will be formally approved during 2019/20.

Our Student Staff Liaison Manager (SSLM) acts as the key line of communication between us and the student body (represented by the Student Guild). The SSLM plays an important role in enabling real-time and open dialogue with Student Reps through daily ‘drop-in’ sessions which are designed to promote a culture of student engagement.

We recognise and celebrate effective student engagement in a number of ways. For example, we host and organise our very own Graduation Ceremony in November each year and this is in addition to the ceremonies held by the University of Northampton, our degree-awarding partner.  We also hold an annual award event that rewards and celebrates student engagement. One particularly relevant award is that of the “Bloomsbury Institute Awards for enhancement of our academic community” which is awarded on the evidenced impact of a student’s engagement and contributions in committees, focus groups, external inspections etc.

Through our Learning Enhancement Let’s Grow provisions, we provide academic skills and language support and activities and events aimed at helping students develop transferable skills and secure employment.

Throughout their studies at Bloomsbury Institute students have many opportunities to engage with our Let’s Grow events and activities.  They also have opportunities to take on roles of responsibility (e.g. PAL Leader, Student Rep, Peer Advisor, or a role within a society).  Engaging in any of these areas provides students with opportunities to:

  • Acquire and develop transferable skills (e.g. community building, self-awareness, innovation)
  • Network with employers and external speakers
  • Enhance employability potential
  • Feel part of a community and feel a sense of pride and satisfaction.

In order to help evidence their engagement with such events and activities, we provide certificates and enhanced references to students who have engaged regularly during their time with us.  The certificates and enhanced references detail all the events and activities that students have engaged with.

Quality and Enhancement Manual