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All of us need happy and healthy environments where we can flourish and grow. Each of us have a part to play in creating and maintaining these environments by looking after ourselves and attending to our own personal growth and development.  Our wellbeing programme offers students the opportunity to take time out and reflect on how their lives can be enhanced by finding that sense of calm and centredness which lies at the heart of every well-lived life.

We understand that being a student is not always easy.  Students live on limited income and very often need to balance work, family and friendship commitments with their studies.  When stress does arise, it is important for all of us to have ways of coping with it which enhance rather than reduce the quality of our lives.  For this reason students should not see our wellbeing programme as an optional extra.  Rather, it is a fundamental support in making the most of their time at the Bloomsbury Institute.

Details of all our wellbeing events are published on the Bloomsbury Institute website and social media, and students will be notified to students on CANVAS.

To find out more information or access support, please email:

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