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Standardisation, marking and moderation

Our Assessment Procedures document sets out the process for standardisation, marking and moderation.

Standardisation ensures there is a shared understanding of the marking criteria within the Marking Team, and the awarding of grades is clear and in line with module level’s learning outcomes.

This ensures that the students are marked equally and fairly against the assessment criteria set out by the learning outcomes.

Both internal and external moderation processes take place effectively within our Institution. Internal moderation takes place to check that all elements of the assessment have been duly marked and graded, that the standards of assessment are appropriate and in line with the guiding principles set out in the QAA Quality Code. The Assessment Procedures: Validated Degrees document outlines the sample that requires moderation and guidelines on how moderation is conducted and how to deal with situations where there is a significant difference in marks.

External moderation allows external examiners to confirm that marking has been conducted appropriately, ensuring that learning outcomes are consistent with national requirements and grades and qualifications have been awarded equitably.

Quality and Enhancement Manual