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Designing our assessments

In order to ensure that we are in line with sector-recognised standards, we require our assessments to meet the subject benchmarks, that are set by the QAA, through our learning outcomes. Additionally, the assessments reflect the descriptors set in the FHEQ guidelines and that we meet the requirements of any Professional Statutory and Regulatory Body.

We use a combination of both summative and formative assessments to provide students with an equal opportunity to develop skills and abilities. The varied assessment methods take into consideration the different needs of students, hence providing them with equal opportunities to demonstrate their achievements.

Our assessments are annually and periodically reviewed, both internally and externally. External Examiners review the validity of our assessments to guarantee that they are reliable, consistent, fair and assessments meet the required standards. We also undertake periodic reviews of our Assessment Briefs from an inclusion and accessibility perspective.

Quality and Enhancement Manual