Course Approval, Withdrawal and Suspension Procedures

Our Course Approval, Withdrawal and Suspension Procedures must be complied with before an awarding body’s validation event is convened.  Progression to an awarding body’s validation event is only permitted after our Academic Committee has approved the new course upon advice from both our Senior Management and Leadership Team (SMLT) and our Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee (QAEC).  SMLT is responsible for approving any proposal from a business case perspective (having considered also any business risks) and QAEC any proposal from an academic perspective (having considered also any academic risks).  Academic Committee is also responsible for approving any Type B or C modifications to existing courses.   These would have to be introduced from the start of the academic year following approval and should not be introduced partway through an academic year.

It should be noted that any proposals regarding new courses should be preceded, where relevant, by consultation with staff, students, the awarding body, External Examiners and representatives from Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies.

To supplement the policies and procedures of our awarding body, we have developed our own internal procedures for modification of programmes and modules. The design of these procedures, which are applied prior to those of the UoN, has been informed by the QAA Quality Code and reflects our commitment to assuring appropriate academic standards and student learning opportunities are maintained in pursuit of our vision, mission and values. Our procedures also ensure that due consideration is given to the ongoing need to meet the requirements of the relevant Subject Benchmark Statements, the FHEQ, any related Professional/Statutory/Regulatory Body (PSRB) and Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) requirements.