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Strategic Framework

Our Strategic Framework is split into the six goals below and represents our institutional strategic targets that we seek to achieve over the three-year period 2023-25.

Strategic Framework One: We will reach out and attract learners with the potential to flourish

We will reach out to and engage with learners who have the commitment and the potential to thrive in higher education.

We will develop and grow our engagement activities with schools, colleges and our local communities to ensure that we promote the educational opportunities we provide to as many potential students as possible.

We will invest and participate in recruitment activities both in the UK and overseas, seeking to grow a diverse and dynamic student body.

We will target the barriers that hold people back in higher education. We will work collaboratively with our students to identify and address those barriers.

We will monitor our admissions assessment processes to ensure they always help us to identify students with the potential to succeed in higher education.

Strategic Framework Two: Together we will provide a transformative education

We will work with our students to ensure that their attitudes, talents and passions are nurtured so that they meet their goals and respond to the needs of the world around them.

We will ensure that our students have the opportunity and support to undertake a transformative journey, both as students at Bloomsbury Institute and beyond. The work that we undertake to support the student journey will be underpinned by our values and will focus on the outcomes our students seek.
The student journey at Bloomsbury Institute will begin from the moment that learners first engage with us and will last beyond their graduation.

Strategic Framework Three: We will work in partnership with our students as they define and pursue success in employment, entrepreneurship or further study

We will empower students and graduates to seize opportunities, make meaningful contributions within their communities, and live their lives well. We will support our students to progress to employment, entrepreneurship or further study, providing timely and person-centred support.

We will build external partnerships with potential employers and ensure that our work is embedded within our communities.

We will engage with our alumni as lifelong learners and continue to contribute to their professional development after graduation.

Strategic Frame Work Four: We will build a community and culture that celebrates success and enables all of us to flourish together

We will live our mission and values in our day-to-day work.

We will provide an environment where people grow and flourish in their careers and we will show appreciation to each other.

We will find new and innovative ways to bring our colleagues together across the Institute to nurture positive relationships and a strong sense of belonging.

Strategic Framework Five: We will transform our digital environment to support and enhance our provision

Our digital environment will enable us to make best use of information and technology to support robust decision making and to enhance teaching, learning and assessment.

We will make use of robust data analytics to support strategic leadership and we will take a data-driven approach to the delivery and enhancement of our services to students and staff.

Through a thorough review of our digital estate and the strategic goals of the Institute, we will adopt sector-standard data management tools and processes to ensure that we work efficiently and effectively across all areas.

Strategic Framework Six: We will enhance our reputation, building on Bloomsbury Institute’s unique history so that we are recognised as a voice for change

We are a purpose-driven higher education provider with the courage to innovate for the benefit of our students, staff and the wider community. We will actively pursue opportunities to enhance the status of the Institute, including the right to award our own degrees and University status.

We will support and encourage our staff to engage with the wider sector, their discipline bodies and specialist industries.
We will be courageous in our drive to deliver an outstanding student experience, seeking out new and innovative ways to enhance our student journey.

We manage our finances, resource and time appropriately to ensure that we deliver the best possible student experience.
We invest our income into delivering our purpose and will carefully manage our growth to ensure we do not lose sight of our responsibility to our community, our stakeholders and the environment.

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