Why choose Bloomsbury? – Bloomsbury Institute London

Why choose Bloomsbury?

Quality Teaching

  • Bloomsbury is 2nd in London for overall Student Satisfaction, for our Law Degree we are 1st in London and 7th in the UK for student satisfaction with our Business Degree being 3rd highest in London
  • Bloomsbury is ranked #2nd in London for overall student satisfaction* (NSS 2022)
  • Our Law Degree is ranked #1st in London for student satisfaction, and 7th in the UK *(NSS 2022)
  • Our Business Degree is ranked #3rd in London for student satisfaction* (NSS 2022)
  • We are also ranked #3rd in London for student satisfaction for ‘Student Voice’, ‘feeling part of a community’, and with our ‘Student Guild’* (NSS 2022)

* excludes specialist and FE institutions

  • Excellent teaching facilities
  • We offer a Foundation Year with the 2-year Accelerated Degree. No other Higher Education Institute offers the possibility of gaining a degree in 3 years starting with their GCSEs as their highest set of academic qualifications
  • Innovative Foundation Year that develops a business idea through to having a website ready to launch to market, and the journey will prepare you for your Bloomsbury degree
  • We are a Teaching first Higher Education Institution, what you learn in the classroom is central to Bloomsbury


Accessible Learning

  • Bloomsbury is at the HEART of LONDON with easy access to our facilities
  • Our Admissions service considers you as a person and not just your qualifications, we offer a number of ways you can show us just what your potential is to successfully join us on one of our courses
  • We offer a very generous travel bursary scheme to our UK students so they can access their learning and enjoy London, on us! Conditions apply

Making Futures Possible

  • All our courses are accredited by relevant professional bodies to give you a degree that has a competitive advantage and helps you be business ready (https://www.bil.ac.uk/courses/)
  • We have our very own professional Radio Station, and a Law Clinic, to give you the opportunity to gain voluntary work experience
  • Bloomsbury has a supportive inclusive learning environment that enable you to overcome future challenges. We have the ‘Let’s Grow’ programme that is designed around you as an individual student and supports you every step of the way while you are at Bloomsbury