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Bloomsbury Radio is our in-house radio station, broadcast from our home in the heart of Bloomsbury.

Culture, society, education and employment all come under the spotlight alongside an interesting mix of music and chat each week.

The station provides opportunities for students who wish to train as presenters as well as off-air in production, scheduling and compliance. To get involved, contact our employability team in SEWS.


Reflections In The Making

Weekdays from 7am and again from 11pm. Start and end your day with Reflections in the Making. Join Sandra as she encourages​ you to take time out, to nurture your spirit and soul with meaningful nuggets of reflective insights.

Career Stories From The Field

Weekdays from 8am. Join Penny Strutton, a certified Business Psychologist and Coach. Her new show Career Stories From The Field meets people from all walks of life whose career paths evolved and never stayed fixed.

The R+D (Research and Development) show with Luke Mallett

Tuesdays at 10am. The R+D (Research and Development) Show with Luke Mallett. Along with special guests Luke explores ongoing scientific research along with playing music with a “sciency” twist.

The Business Show with Arif Zaman

Mondays from 8pm. Every week Arif reports on the business week that was and entertains special guests from the world of business.

The Student Guild Show

Fridays from 7pm. Student Guild Manager Shola Fiberesima is joined by students to chat about all things Student Guild. The perfect way to keep on top of a jam-packed year ahead for all students and those involved in societies and clubs.

The Late Show with Anca Iacob

Fridays from 9pm. Student Anca Iacob is joined by a special guest and together they chat about the latest news and music.

Root and Bone

Saturdays from 10am. Host Tim Wild gets invited to someone’s home, where they cook a meal that really means something to them and they chat about food, restaurants, and all the stuff that makes life delicious.

Box of Music Chocolates

Saturdays from 9pm.Haya Al-Amin plays a music collection she just feels like playing. Some songs are played off vinyl. Enjoy the warmth, the richness, and the depth that only vinyl can offer.

Barra & Cal 

Saturdays from 6pm. Two Irish fellas enjoying the chat and the craic, and nothing’s off limits.

Michelle’s Musical Montage

Sundays from 12pm. Student Michelle Fakorede takes us on a musical journey inspired by an event of her choosing. Every week is a joyous surprise.

Victoria in Verse

Sundays from 6pm. Student Victoria Onofrei and a special guest talk all things poetry. The perfect way to wind down your weekend.

Lunchtime Dialogue

Every month Bloomsbury Radio interviews a special guest of interest. For specific details keep an eye on our socials.

As well as scheduled programmes Bloomsbury Radio broadcasts special events throughout the year. These include The Bloomsbury Festival, Global Entrepreneurship Week, Local Community Events, Bloomsbury Institute’s Teaching and Learning Conference, Graduation Day, and Gay Pride.

Listen live below or catch up on SoundCloud.

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