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Bloomsbury Radio is our in-house radio station, broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The station offers a mix of music, news on the hour as well as sports and entertainment updates. Culture, society, education and employment all come under the spotlight on our higher education-focused radio station. Check out our regular programming below.

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What’s on

As well as scheduled programmes, Bloomsbury Radio broadcasts special events throughout the year including the Bloomsbury Festival, Global Entrepreneurship Week, local community events and Graduation Day. You can see upcoming and past events covered by Bloomsbury Radio here.

Weekly schedule

Weekdays at 8.30am

Bloomsbury Breakfast

Join Bloomsbury Institute Law Student Andrea David every morning at 8.30am. Andrea signposts up-and-coming events for fellow students and what to look out for on campus. A great way to start your Bloomsbury day.

Weekdays at 9am

Career Stories in the Field

Join Business Psychologist and coach Penny Strutton, for conversations with business leaders on how to navigate the graduate job market and succeed.

Weekdays at 11am

The Arts Show

Students Juwairiyyah Qureshi and Boyi Li chat movies, opera, Kpop, and Jane Eyre. A diverse conversation plus tips on how to dive into the arts scene here in London.

Weekdays at 12pm

Box of Music Chocolates

Get curious. Law student Haya Al-Amin plays music you don’t hear in the mainstream. Open your mind and discover new tunes.

Weekdays at 1pm

Out of the Blue

Presented by Bloomsbury Institute’s Alex Charles, Out of the Blue is the hour on Bloomsbury Radio to celebrate not knowing what’s coming next. Alex does, but you don’t! Fresh music, live music, and gig reviews.

Weekdays at 2pm

Student Life at Bloomsbury

What’s day-to-day life like for the students at Bloomsbury Institute? Hear life stories from our diverse and exciting student population.

Every day at 3pm

The Culture Show

Bloomsbury Institute Law alumna Michelle Palmer presents The Culture Show, a celebration of the diverse world we live in. Join Michelle for chat and music every day at 3pm.

Weekdays at 4pm

Rico’s Political Hour

Rico Thai Richards is a young man whose passion is politics. His guests include local MPs and Rico has no hesitation in asking what needs to be asked.

Weekdays at 5pm

The Letter of The Law

Barra Fitzgibbon puts legal questions sent in by listeners to Bloomsbury Institute’s Head of Law and Director of Bloomsbury Law Clinic, Ian Miller.

Ian is a barrister and academic with a long and successful career in chambers and in the classroom. As Director of Bloomsbury Law Clinic, Ian works to ensure those who cannot afford the services of a solicitor are supported through whatever legal problems they are experiencing.

Barra Fitzgibbon qualified as a solicitor in Dublin before embarking on a 20-year career at Channel 4. Since 2020 he has been Training Manager at Bloomsbury Institute, pioneering a range of communication and human development programmes for staff and students.

Weekdays at 6pm

Victoria in Verse

Tune into Victoria Onofrei’s award-winning show that celebrates the world of poetry. Hear poets from around the globe talk about their work and how they respond to the world around them.

Weekdays at 7pm

The Media Show

Two best mates, Matt and Phillip, honestly dissect and review brand new films, T.V. and video games.

Weekdays at 8pm

The Business Show

Bloomsbury Institute’s Arif Zaman keeps us informed on global business and enterprise trends, pushing the case for building sustainable and equitable businesses.

Bloomsbury Institute - Arif Zaman

Weekdays at 9pm


AD4K is a fun insight into the trials, tribulations and adventures of living on the ADHD spectrum. Listen in as Daisy, Jake and Michaela try to stick to a single topic and discuss everything but at the same time nothing at all.

Weekdays at 10pm

The Late Show

Rajan Sandhu is a Bloomsbury Institute alumnus who enjoys authentic conversations about the capital and the people who live here.

Weekdays at 11pm

Bloomsbury Radio Highlights

Enjoy a selection of programmes from The Bloomsbury Festival to Global Entrepreneurship Week. A chance to listen again into the big events of the year.

Saturdays at 6pm

Barra and Cal Live at 6

Join Barra and Cal for a look at all that’s happening at Bloomsbury Institute in the week ahead, as well as all the top tunes to get you in the mood for the weekend. Two hours of music, banter and craic.

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