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Additional bursaries

We provide free laptops for all our home students and a travel bursary for those whose studies are funded through the Student Loans Company.

Laptop offer

Why a free laptop?

Bloomsbury Institute’s laptop offer is part of our commitment to making higher education accessible to everyone. To ensure that you have all that you need to complete your studies with us, we have pledged to provide a free laptop to every new domestic Bloomsbury Institute student. 

You’ll receive a free laptop when you begin your studies.  This enables you to fully engage in all course-related and extra-curricular activities. You can even keep the laptop once you’ve successfully completed your degree with us.

Am I eligible? 

All home students who enrol with Bloomsbury Institute are eligible for a laptop

Once you have successfully enrolled on one of our courses, and have had your fees confirmed, our SEWS team will contact you to provide you with your laptop. You do not have to pay for your laptop at all, there are no hidden costs.

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The free laptop makes me really proud, because I live with other students who don’t get the same benefits where they study. No one struggles to keep up with their work, because the laptop is there to help with research and assignments.

MBA Student

Travel bursary

London is a big city and we understand that getting around it can be expensive. The cost of getting to class should not put anyone off studying though, that’s why we have created our travel bursary.

What is the travel bursary?

Our travel bursary is equivalent to the cost of a Transport for London Travelcard for Zones 1 – 6 (currently £189). The TfL Travelcard allows unlimited use of London Buses, DLR, Overground, Trams, Underground and National Rail services in the capital. Bloomsbury Institute students, whose studies are funded by the Student Loans Company, receive an additional £189 as part of their loan payments so that they do not have to worry about the cost of public transport, both to classes and for any other means.

How do I apply?

There is no application process for the travel bursary. As long as you have opted-in for ‘Student Support’ in your student loan application, the additional funds are provided with your student loan.

Please note that as this bursary is administered via the Student Loans Company, the bursary is available to home students only. The travel bursary is also connected to attendance, so you do have to be in class to get paid.

Places to explore with your travelcard

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This laptop is turning out be a great companion for me. It is helping me in my studies in every possible way. I really appreciate the initiative.”

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Bloomsbury Institute is the best university in the UK; sometimes students can’t afford a laptop, so it’s a great idea.”

Want to talk to someone?

Do you have a question for us? Talk to our application experts, you can also ask our Student Ambassadors about life at Bloomsbury Institute.

We’re here Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm (except bank holidays).