Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) is a student-to-student support scheme, where higher year students facilitate study sessions for lower year students.

Need extra study support? Come along to the PAL session today where higher year students have passed the modules you are stuck on and offering you support!

PAL session will:

  • Offer academic support
  • Facilitate class discussion and activities to help students understand module content
  • Provide advice on study strategies
  • Enhance their understanding of the subject matter of their course through collaborative discussion

Modules are being covered in each session:  

  • FY – Contemporary Themes / Study and Research skills
  • L4 Law – Legal Method and Systems / Contract Law 
  • L5 Law – Public Law / Law of Tort 
  • L4 Business Management – Business Environment / Marketing Principles and Practice 
  • L5 Business Management – Managerial Finance / Digital Marketing 
  • L5 Accounting and Finance Management – Computer Applications in Accounting / Financial reporting 
Course Time Day Method Details
Foundation Year 2 – 3 PM Friday Online Join here
L4 Law 2 – 3 PM Friday Online Join here
L4 Business 2 – 3 PM Wednesday Online Join here
L4 AFM 1 – 2 PM Thursday In-person EUS204
L5 Business 1 – 2 PM Wednesday In-person EUS204
L5 Law 3 – 4 PM Tuesday In-person EUS202

Bloomsbury Institute - Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) infographic