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Let’s Connect!

In an ever-changing graduate jobs market, there’s never been a greater need for students and alumni to communicate clearly and with confidence.

Let’s Connect! is a new, five week module, that will teach you the skills to engage meaningfully with all forms of communication that crucially link to career and life progression.

Taught by Barra Fitzgibbon, who previously taught Crucial Conversations, this short course uses online resources, effective practicals and real life case studies to help you build effective and essential communication skills.

What will I learn?

What you learn will not only optimise your working life, but it will also have a long lasting affect on your personal life. At the end of the module you’ll have….

  • A noticeable increase in self-confidence.
  • A new found ability to network.
  • A desire to take control of your career and seek support when needed.
  • An ability to re-evaluate an ever-changing graduate jobs market and world.
  • An ambition to progress in your career and to develop your personal brand.
  • An ability to start to engage in a more open, honest and meaningful dialogue around diversity.

Each week, you’ll explore and delve deeper into different topics:

Week 1: Self Awareness
Week 2: Emotional Awareness
Week 3: How to find your own voice
Week 4: The different mediums of communication in an ever changing work environment
Week 5: How we listen, and next steps

When will it take place?

In Semester 1, the short course will start the week commencing 2 November 2020 for 5 weeks.

The sessions will take place Tuesday morning 10am – 12pm for Group 1, and Thursday evening 5:15pm – 7:15pm for Group 2, and you can choose which group to join.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, email Barra on The module will take place in Semester 1 and the dates will be released shortly. Don’t worry if you miss out this semester, as Let’s Connect! will run again next semester.