Admissions assessments and interviews – Bloomsbury Institute London

Admissions assessments and interviews

Our foundation courses are ideal if you have limited or no formal qualifications. If you do not meet our standard entry criteria, you may be eligible to be put forward as a non-standard applicant.

This means that you will be considered for entry on the basis of prior work, voluntary or other experience.

To determine eligibility for the course, all non-standard applicants will be required to sit our internal English and/or Mathematics assessment, as well as a face-to-face interview with an academic.

Below, we have provided a little more info on what that means.

English Assessment

This is an English Language assessment, comprising multiple choice reading questions and a piece of written work. This computer-based assessment may be taken on campus, or online.

Mathematics Assessment

Specifically for those applying to Accounting and Finance, this comprises multiple choice questions on mathematics. This computer-based assessment may be taken on campus, or online.


If you are successful in our assessments, you will be invited to attend an interview. Your interview will normally be carried out by one of the academics who teach on your chosen course. They will ask you about yourself, what you know about the course, your motivation for studying and plans after completing your studies. There are no tricky questions – so just be yourself and use the opportunity to ask us questions too!

Psychometric Assessment

We are piloting use of a psychometric test for our applicants. Prior to interview, applicants will be invited to complete an optional psychometric test to give our interviewers a little more information about your motivations and characteristics. This information will be used to inform your interview, but is not part of the entry criteria for the course. You will also be provided with your own copy of the results.

We are able to make reasonable adjustments for any of the above assessments, where required. For more information about any of our assessments, please contact