Wellbeing Programme

Our Centre for Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success (SEWS) employs two dedicated Wellbeing Advisors. They understand just how difficult it can sometimes be to balance your studies with the other areas of your life.

Our Wellbeing Programme offers you the opportunity to take time out and reflect on how your life could be enhanced by finding that sense of calm which lies at the heart of a balanced, fulfilling life. Relaxation, budgeting and health and nutrition workshops are all run through our Wellbeing Programme.

You’ll receive an email from SEWS at the beginning of each semester inviting you to the workshops. Simply reply to this email expressing your interest.

If you need to talk to anyone outside of the workshops, email sews@bil.ac.uk

You can also download a copy of our Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy.

Semester 2 workshops

27 Wednesday January 2020: Managing Mental Health During the Current Climate

2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges. These challenges have made the mental health and wellness of the nation more crucial than ever before. We recognise how difficult life may have been over the past months and the impact this may have had on your mental health. We have structured this workshop to enable you to understand why it is important to have good mental health and equip you with some tools to practise good mental health.

10 Wednesday February 2020: Self-Motivation

During our ‘Welcome Back’ survey we received an overwhelming response that you would like us to do a motivation wellbeing session.

Student motivation is critical for learning and several researchers have found a positive correlation between motivation and achievement. Being self-motivated is a critical skill needed not just for studying but in life in general.

It is an integral part of achieving goals, progressing up the career ladder and experiencing greater personal satisfaction. This workshop educates you on the importance of self-motivation and will equip you with techniques to develop self-motivation skills.

24 Wednesday February 2020: Sleep Well and Mindfulness

Sleep really matters. It affects our health, mood, relationships and our performance at both work and university. You can probably think of examples in your own life when a lack of sleep has affected you.

This interactive 1-hour online course gives students the opportunity to share their sleep stories, looks at the reasons behind sleep deprivation and explores the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep.

We’ll be offering valuable tips on how to improve your sleeping pattern.  The course also includes helpful tips on practicing Mindfulness and provides useful resources which students can access following the session.

10 Wednesday March 2020: Resilience

What is resilience, why is it so important?

Resilience is the ability to recover and bounce back from a difficult or unpleasant situation or hardship that you may experience in life. This workshop has been structured to help you recognise and deal with day to day stress factors and build resilience towards them, allowing you to feel stronger and more capable to cope than before.

24 Wednesday March 2020: How to Prioritise your Mental Health During Exams

Studying for a degree is not always easy, especially during exam periods. Exams can make you feel under pressure and create feelings of worry. This workshop will provide you with several tools that you can use to help deal with the stress that may arise from this and enable you to find a good study-life balance.