Travel bursary

Tottenham Court Road stationWe know just how expensive it can be travelling in and out of London for your studies. That’s why we’ve created a Travel Bursary to support eligible students throughout your time with us.

The Travel Bursary has been set up as part of our Access and Participation Plan and is available for students who are funded via the Student Loans Company (SLC).

The Travel Bursary covers the cost of a TfL Zone 1 – 6 monthly Travel Card, worth £181.70, providing you with unlimited free travel by the Tube or bus.

New, full-time students, who start their course from January 2022 can apply now.

Am I eligible?

To apply for the Travel Bursary, you will need to meet all of the below:

  • Be enrolled on a full-time course
  • Be studying on the higher fee amount
  • Be funded via Student Loans Company
  • Maintain an attendance percentage of 67% and above

How do I apply?

The process is straight forward and automatic. You opt-in when you apply for Student Support via Student Finance England.

We then review your attendance every month and release the bursary.

If you any help with your application, please contact our Finance team:

Bursary payment dates and amount

Bursary payments will generally be made in arrears, at the end of the month – eg., September – October bursary paid in October – November.

An example of payments are:

September starter

January starter

Payment 1 October Payment 1 February
Payment 2 November Payment 2 March
Payment 3 December Payment 3 April
Payment 4 January Payment 4 May
Payment 5 February Payment 5 June
Payment 6 March Payment 6 July
Payment 7 April Payment 7 August

Payments are made directly to your bank account by the SLC Bursary Admin Service within 5-10 working days after released.

Please note: we cannot change the bank account the payment is made to. You will need to change this through the SLC.

Points to note

  • The bursary is administered through the SLC’s Bursary Admin Service and we cannot control/influence the speed at which they are made.
  • You can only be approved for a bursary once per month until the maximum bursary amount is reached.
  • The bursary amount cannot be offset against tuition fees owed.
  • The bursary amount cannot be disputed.
  • The bursary amount cannot be paid in cash.
  • The bursary amount cannot be paid into bank accounts other than that the student has registered with the SLC.