Tunde Meszaros – Bloomsbury Institute London

Tunde Meszaros

Thursday 27th September 2018

BA (Hons) Business Management

I have been in London for some time and have been working for the last couple of years. I wanted to get a degree in Business.

The admissions process was straight-forward, I completed my foundation year, which helped me develop study and research skills, and I’m now in year 2 of the course.

The course is really well structured and there are not a lot of exams, which I like. I spend three days a week in classes and this allows me to work alongside my studies. It’s hard work, but I’m getting good grades!

I also think it’s great that Bloomsbury Institute supports the Living Wage. I am a second-year student and I work a couple of hours a week as a Peer Advisor, earning £10.20 an hour, rather than the £7.50 minimum wage (as I’m over 25). I enjoy my work, and the money really makes a big difference to me.