Joshua Amponsah

Saturday 13th February 2021

BA (Hons) Business Management

I was at the University of Venice studying economics but it wasn’t going well…┬áThere were 7,000 students and speaking to a lecturer was almost impossible. Here the lecturers give you time.

I didn’t have the support you get here… The Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success team have been amazing. They’ve helped me with student finance, they’ve been there for me.

The location was a big factor for me. The fact you’re in central London, you feel a part of the city’s student community. I have friends from UCL, Birkbeck, SOAS…

You get to experience the city. This is a great thing in itself, but it’s also important when you’re talking to employers – you’ve got interesting things to talk about.

The Principle ran a small group session with some students to help us work out what we want do with our careers. How many institutions can offer that kind of contact. I even went to an event with the Director of Innovation at Google!

Study Plus has been fantastic for me. I’ve been speaking Italian my whole life and I wanted some help with pronunciation. I was given one-to-one support, even though this has nothing to do with my studies.