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Bloomsbury Institute ranked 2nd in UK

Bloomsbury Institute has been ranked 2nd in the UK for overall student positivity[1]. This follows the results of the recent National Student Survey (NSS), undertaken by final year students across the UK.

Year-on-year Bloomsbury Institute’s performance surpasses the sector average and this year is no different, with the Institute scoring higher than the sector in all 27 questions and 7 themes. Overall, 86% of Bloomsbury Institute students responded to the survey, compared to the sector average of 71%.

Compared to all other London universities (excluding specialist providers) Bloomsbury Institute has ranked:

  • 1st  best for their Law course (2nd in England)
  • 2nd best for their Business course (3rd in England)
  • 3rd best for their Accounting course (14th in England)

As well as:

  • 2nd in Teaching
  • 2nd in Organisation and Management 
  • 2nd in Student Voice
  • 2nd in Wellbeing
  • 2nd in Freedom of expression
  • 3rd in Learning Opportunities
  • 3rd in Assessment and Feedback
  • 3rd in Academic Support

Although the sector has seen a low positivity score in acting upon student feedback (39% of students could not agree that student feedback had been acted on) Bloomsbury Institute students are 86.25% positive in this question, 25.39% higher than the sector. Bloomsbury Institute also scored well above the sector in Organisation and Management – Bloomsbury Institute scored a positivity score of 93.9%, 20.29% higher than the sector average of 20.29%.

Cal Courtney, Deputy CEO said:

These results are a testament to the dedication and brilliance of our staff who work day in and day out to ensure the barriers holding people back are broken down. They do this through dedication to their craft of teaching, through the fostering of strong and resilient relationships and, most crucially, through a spirit of collaboration with our students, who are, after all, the reason we come to work each day.”

Bloomsbury Institute is currently taking an in-depth look at the results to further improve the learning experience for all students.

[1] Averaging all questions in the National Student Survey, excluding FE colleges and specialist providers