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Fees and Financial Support


Our fees cover your tuition, exams and library access but you may have to pay other small, nominal costs during your course. A list of these can be found in our Terms and Conditions. A summary of our fee information can be found here.

To view specific home and international course fees, please visit the course’s page.

Financing your studies

Most home students will pay tuition fees through a student loan. Unlike most other Access to Higher Education courses, our foundation year, and the full degree programme, can be funded through a student loan.

How to pay

Bursaries and discounts

We provide a range of additional financial support to help make the cost of studying more affordable. Current support includes:

  • Disability Support Fund
    To aid disabled students with additional costs which may not be covered by DSA
  • Hardship Fund
    Additional grants can be made to students experiencing financial hardship
  • Laptop Offer
    Laptops are provided to all students for free so that everyone can access the materials they need
  • Travel Bursary
    Covers Transport for London zones 1 – 6

Alumni Discount

If you completed your undergraduate degree with Bloomsbury Institute, you will receive a 25% tuition fee discount for both our postgraduate MBA and MSc Management courses (i.e. the fees will be £9,000). This discount will be applied when you enrol.

Value for money statement

We produce a Value for Money statement every year.

💷 Read our Value For Money statement

Get in touch

Please contact the Finance Office if you have questions about your fees.

📧 financequeries@bil.ac.uk