Let’s Connect! 5-week Course – Bloomsbury Institute

Let’s Connect! 5-week Course

Date: 19/01/2022
Start Time: 6:00 pm
End Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Online

Let’s Connect! is a five-week course that will teach you the skills to engage meaningfully with all forms of communication that crucially link to career and life progression. Every Wednesday starting 19 January 2022 – 16 February 2022 from 6 -7 PM via online. This course is open to all students and alumni.

Every conversation in our waking day is a chance to develop a human connection, the very thing we need now more than ever. With a focus on new thinking, active listening, and ingrained empathy, these 5 bitesize workshops will help you to become great conversationalists and tap into the untold benefits better conversations can offer.

Taught by Barra Fitzgibbon, this short course uses online resources, effective practicals and real-life case studies to help you build effective and essential communication skills. 

The course will cover:

  • Leading and managing teams into the new normal.
  • How to build our confidence in speaking both online and offline.
  • How to make our virtual conversations more real.
  • A new approach to time management that’s honest and healthy.
  • How to make the conversation with our inner voice a supportive one.

Please email barra.fitzgibbon@bil.ac.uk with the subject ‘Let’s Connect!’ to register. (You don’t need to write anything in the body of the email.)

The deadline to register is Monday 17th January.