Vision & Values

Purpose, Vision, Mission & Values

These statements have been written to help everyone – staff, students and the rest of the world – understand Bloomsbury Institute and what we stand for.

They support our commitment to Radical Hospitality and our aim is not that everyone should know every word, but that everyone should experience what, together, these words mean.

Our purpose – why we exist:

To unlock potential

Our vision – where we’re headed:

To offer students from all backgrounds the opportunity to define and pursue success through education.

Our mission – what we want to achieve:

Grow a diverse and dynamic academic community that values curiosity, creativity and critical thinking.

Nurture a culture that rewards kindness, excellence and accountability to each other, our communities and the world.

Inspire and support our students and staff to achieve their full potential and make valuable contributions to society.

Our values – the standards we hold ourselves to and how we behave:

Be inclusive
Welcome difference as a source of strength and enrichment.

Be curious
Ask questions. Be open to new ideas. Yearn to learn.

Show courage
Challenge yourself. Dare to think differently. Stand up for what’s right.

Make things happen
Take ownership. Act responsibly. Get things done.

Don’t be mean
Talk straight. Don’t play games. Treat people well.