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What to expect at your Induction


My first tip – do not skip your Induction!

When you receive the invite to attend Induction, please do not cast it aside. You may think it’s unimportant, but it will really help you settle into life at Bloomsbury Institute.

I was very nervous and excited the morning of my Induction. When I entered the building, the hall was full of strangers, but also the warm smiles of Student Guild representatives and Bloomsbury Institute staff. Seeing those friendly faces really made my nerves disappear. On arrival, we were given our student ID cards and straight away I felt happy – “I am now an official Bloomsbury Institute student!”

The Induction team were extremely welcoming and supportive. Sarah Bailey (the Director of the Centre for Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success) started the day and introduced the important policies and requirements, as well as where and how students can get support and help.

After this, current students shared their personal experiences at Bloomsbury institute, advised how to prioritise workload and how to achieve your best results. We could ask as many questions as we wanted, and no one judged us. I was amazed at how quickly the time went!

We had some fun quiz’s which helped us to interact and get to know our classmates. Some of us even managed to win prizes!

In smaller groups we visited classrooms, had tours of the buildings and walked outside to become familiar with the local area. We saw where Student Guild is based, where to find the closest tube stations, the best coffee shops and the local parks and gardens.

For me this day was truly inspirational and hearing the stories of other students motivated to achieve my personal goals. I also felt that Bloomsbury Institute truly cares about each of their students and provides great support to all.

Induction was the perfect opportunity to get to know my fellow students, lecturers, support staff and Student Representatives.

So please, do not miss your Induction day!