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Are you registered to vote in the General Election on 4 July?

A General Election has been called for 4 July 2024. In order to cast your vote, you need to have registered to vote by 11:59 on 18 June 2024.

Who is eligible to vote?

To be eligible to vote in the General Election you must be aged 18 or over and one of the following:

In order to vote, you must first join your local Electoral Register. Electoral Registers are managed by local authorities, so if you are already on an Electoral Register elsewhere in the UK, you must join your new local authority’s Electoral Register in order to vote in it. Students can be on multiple Electoral Registers but must only vote in one.

Why should I vote?

Engaging in the voting process enables your voice to be heard and contributes towards shaping the local and national landscape of the UK. All eligible students should take this opportunity to register and cast their votes during the election period.

How do I register?

If you are eligible to vote but have not yet registered, you can do so quickly and easily on