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National Student Survey (NSS)

The 2022 National Student Survey results were recently published and we are pleased to share our outstanding results.

We scored an incredible 84.87% overall satisfaction rate, compared to the sector average of 76.29%, and Bloomsbury Institute is now 2nd in London for overall student satisfaction.

Some other highlights:

  • Our Law Degree is rated 1st in London and 7th in the UK
  • Our Business Management degree ranked 3rd in London
  • We are ranked 3rd in London for ‘Student Voice’, ‘feeling part of a community’, and for our ‘Student Guild’.

Student satisfaction continues to be high at Bloomsbury, and we believe it is the working together between staff and students that is very much part of the community ethos at Bloomsbury which has contributed to the positive student satisfaction results achieved in the NSS survey – 84.87% overall satisfaction with course is a real testament to that Bloomsbury ethos.

Student Satisfaction at Bloomsbury continues to outperform the sector

For a helpful infographic showing Bloomsbury Institute’s results, click here.

You can find a breakdown, by factor and questions, here:

What is the NSS? The NSS is an independent, UK-wide survey completed by 4.5 million final-year students in 400 institutions every year. The NSS asks questions relating to student experience and course quality, helping prospective students choose where to study.