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My Journey to Bloomsbury Institute

A day in the life of me – a Bloomsbury law student, mother and grandmother.

Before attending Bloomsbury Institute, I had just made the huge decision to end my career of 32 years in one of the largest tech companies in the UK. I was a Project Manager working within the finance team, which as you can imagine was an extremely demanding role. Finance sat at the center of all departments, so it was vital that our job was completed effectively to ensure all other departments ran smoothly.

It was not a job I enjoyed and therefore after so long in the company, I decided it was time to leave – this was both the hardest and easiest decision I have ever made.

Once made, I couldn’t wait to see what the future held for me, the last thing I expected was to embark on a journey studying for a Law Degree!

So, how did I become a Law student at Bloomsbury?  Well, the answer is quite complex, but I will try my best to give you the simplest answer.

Having taken the summer off to decide what my next steps were, I reluctantly turned my attention to job hunting. This seemed the obvious thing for me to do, as although I received a generous payout from my previous role, I knew it would not last forever.

My daily routine became switching on my laptop and searching for roles that were hopefully less demanding than my last. Though, I soon became weary of the same old job adverts with low salaries and minimal benefits, making it impossible to want to apply.

I had many ex-colleagues reach out to me, offering me networking opportunities – some of which I attended, others I didn’t.

I became tired of the familiar attitudes I was noticing as I scrolled through the job advertisements, so I decided to turn my attention elsewhere. There was a growing need for fulfillment that was becoming more and more apparent to me as the days went on – none of these jobs were going to satisfy me in the way in which I had once hoped.

I decided to turn my focus to looking for something that would instead enhance and nourish my soul. I began looking at google degrees that would suit my skill set (mature and experienced but without any qualifications) and several universities popped up!

I chose the universities closest to me, read their websites, researched their culture and studied the reviews from previous students. Bloomsbury Institute stood out to me (by miles!), so I looked into their registration process, filled out the online form and then it was time to wait.

Never in a million years did I think I would be accepted, but to my surprise, 2 days later I received a call asking if I would like to come in for an interview, to which I enthusiastically replied, “yes I would love to!”

Suddenly, I began doubting myself and started to question if I really could do this.

I spoke to my good friends – two of the nicest yet straight talking people I know, and they assured me it was a great idea. “Of course, you can do this!” they replied, followed by listing all the reasons I was silly to doubt myself in the first place.

So, I conjured up the courage and attended the interview. The interviewer was lovely and instantly made me feel at ease; she explained how the Institute was run and why I would be a perfect fit for Bloomsbury.

Now here I am – continuing my exciting journey as a first-year law student.

I completed my foundation year and loved every minute of it; my tutors, my peers and all the support teams that make up this wonderful family at Bloomsbury. I am even more excited for the year ahead which I hope will be even better than my last.

It’s only onwards and upwards from here – I can’t wait to watch my dreams come true! 🙂