Student Election 2020-21 results

Friday 23rd October 2020

The Student Election 2020-21 results are in and we are very happy to announce that Bloomsbury Institute Student Guild’s (BISG) next Student President is…

Nasser Kazinda – 2nd year Law student!

Nasser, pictured to the right, will be the Guild’s 6th Student President and will lead the Student Guild through the next year.

The Student President plays a pivotal role in the smooth running of the Student Guild. Working with fellow students, Guild representatives and Bloomsbury Institute staff, they ensure the student voice is heard and the student body effectively represented.

We’re also pleased to share this year’s Student Trustees, who will sit on the Board of Directors, and the Society Leaders, who will run our range of societies:

Student Trustees: Leone Vitale, Simona Enache and Olga Prusinowska

Activity Officer: Isabella Epure

Accounting Society Leader: Andreea Ghena

Assistant Accounting Society Leader: Gergana Atanasova

Business Society Leader: Eugenia Drobot

Law Society Leader: Veronica Wilson

Equality Society Leader: Georgiana Ursachescu

Football Club: Luis Fernandez

Film Club: Andrea Catinella

Well done to all those elected and to everyone that took part in the elections.

Finally, big thank you to this past year’s Student President, Student Trustees and Society Leaders.

This year has seen the introduction of many new activities and initiatives that have helped the Guild grow and greatly benefit the student body. Highlights from the past year include the Guild’s first Gala Night, socials at Student Central and the Arcade Event at Bloomsbury Lanes.

Thank you to our 2019-20 Student President Rajan Sandhu and the Society Leadership team, Georgiana, Ursaschescu, Quiana Bowen, Luis Fernandez, Maryam Azam, Princess Okerie and Andreea Ghena. The Student Trustees, Toby Rogers, Simona Enache, Aliona Ghervas. The Activities Officer, Orlagh Maye. The Gala organising committee, Ionut Enache, Beatrice Adebowale, Orlagh Maye, Tobi Rogers and Gabriela Oliveira. And finally, all the Student Representatives and Peer Advisors that supported behind the scene in many different ways.

Here’s to another exciting year!