Well done to our first In-Bloom graduate!

Thursday 25th June 2020

We are thrilled to announce that Matt Jansen, Business Lecturer and Head of Student Recruitment and Partnerships, has become the first In-Bloom graduate achieving the recognition of Associate Fellow of HEA.

We are also very happy to share the feedback from our external advisor following the first delivery of our accredited framework to Bloomsbury Institute staff:

In Bloom is exemplary in many areas of practice that could be shared across the sector in similar HEA courses. It was excellent to see some innovative uses of assessment which incorporates the use of educational technology.

There is particularly strong focus on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.  Applicants are encouraged to embed inclusion within their practice this through the very process of completing the application.

There is a clear consistency in the application of UK Professional Standards Framework and In-Bloom Learning Outcomes through the assessment of applicants.  Moderation procedures were conducted with exemplary rigour with two internal reviewers. I was impressed by the consistency of marking amongst the reviewers, security of the submissions on Canvas and the assurance that an applicants’ mentor/referee not be allowed to sit on the panel.

The feedback given to applicants is of high quality, polite and sensitive to the amount of work that applicants have put into their applications, while being useful.

We very much look forward to delivering In-Bloom to more Bloomsbury Institute lecturers next academic year and we can’t wait to see even more In-Bloom graduates!