Student Guild and Societies

Student Guild

Bloomsbury Institute Student Guild have a jam-packed year ahead for all students and those involved in societies and clubs.

To start the year the Guild, along with SEWS, will bring you Welcome Back Week on Monday 30 September.

Every month, the Student President and Activity Officer will run activities and events open to all students, including a social at Student Central. If you’d like to meet students from different classes and make new friends this is perfect for you.

The Guild will soon be launching their new website and are looking for students to get involved. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to contribute to the new website, in particular their blog. Keep an eye on our social media for the launch of the new website and how you can get involved.

Throughout February and March, the Guild will celebrate their third birthday with a line-up of fun events, including the ever-popular Staff vs Students Games Night and Social Networking Event. Towards the end of the year, you can look forward to the 2020-21 Student Elections and a couple of farewell parties.

Societies and Clubs

The societies and clubs also have an exciting year planned. The three subject area societies, the Business Society, Law Society and Accounting Society, will each run their yearlong activities based around a theme.

The Business Society’s theme will be ‘Dragon’s Den’, and society members will have the amazing opportunity to pitch their business ideas to a panel of industry experts. The pitches will take place throughout the year, building up to a grand finale at the end of year.

The Law Society will explore the ‘Big Debate’. Mini debates on current events and issues, relating both to life and the law profession, will be hosted throughout the year. Possible topics to debate will include ‘Kim Kardashian becoming a lawyer’ and ‘The death penalty’. At the end of the year, law professionals and lecturers will judge students at a Big Debate.

And the Accounting Society will look to grow their partnerships through the theme of ‘Financial Partnerships’. Society members will devise a strategy to build and grow relationships with financial firms and organisations, and there’ll be opportunities to organise and host talks with these companies and in-house contacts.

All three societies will run monthly socials, workshops and conferences with top industry professionals and walking tours around the financial districts of London. With the launch of the Guild’s new website, society members will also have the chance to contribute to the society blogs.

If you haven’t already signed up to a society, head over to the Guild to sign up now.