Community – Bloomsbury Institute London


All of us, students and staff, work together in building and strengthening relationships with people and organisations beyond the institute. The Centre for Community Engagement and Learning leads this work.

Students discover many ways to get involved in this civic engagement locally and globally. Bloomsbury Radio broadcasts news, music and topical discussions. It partners with an array of international conferences as official media partners, many with an enterprise and entrepreneurship focus. The station also covers local events such as Bloomsbury Festival, 14 days of arts and culture running in October each year. Contact the station if you’d like to get involved:

We work to prepare people for further study and/or work. Each year we deliver workshops in schools and community centres on subjects like communication skills, job hunting, personal development and study skills. If you work for such an organisation and would like us to offer a workshop, get in touch.

The Law Clinic is one of the most ambitious projects within the Centre for Community Engagement and Learning. Each year we train students to give guidance to those who cannot afford the services of a solicitor and who do not qualify for free legal aid. The work of the students is supervised by a team of professional solicitors who provide their services pro bono as part of their commitment to social justice. Students not pursuing law degrees volunteer on the administrative and management side of the project. The clinic is currently focused on the legal issues around housing and each week our student volunteers meet the public online. If you’d like an appointment, email