Stephane Middleton

IT and Facilities Senior Executive

Man smiling

I’ve worked in a variety of different fields, from Filing Clerk to Sound Engineering to CCTV Installations to Theatre Technician to IT Support to Film and Theatre Acting and more!

Since 2010 however, I have worked for Bloomsbury Institute, making my way from Receptionist to Estates and Facilities Manager.

I have a qualification in acting. My ethos of “A job is not worth doing, if it is not worth doing well” serves me well and I’m proud to say that the institution has chosen to give me time to believe in the same thing.


I’m a keen follower of common sense and logic, enjoy long walks along the beach, a myriad of eclectic televisual and auditory stimulations, running around a forest at night hitting people with rubber swords (LARP – feel free to ask), gin tasting and many more oblique interests.

I’m a keen gamer of video, board, RPG or card games. Needless to say, I have an interest in purely lying back and doing absolutely nothing at all, however, who has time for that these days, eh?


Advanced Diploma in Acting (Distinction)