Slawomir Przemyslaw Grzybek

Quality Manager (Secretariat)

Man smiling

After my arrival in the UK, I spent the first years working in a private sector in various operational roles. These roles, ranging from quality assurance to managing operations, combined with my parental responsibilities taught me some valuable skills that are employed in my current role at Bloomsbury Institute.

Having completed my degree in 2015, I then moved into the education sector, taking up the position of Operations Manager for a Further Education provider.

Exposure to this new environment prompted my interest in quality assurance aspect of Higher Education and led to my application for a role of Quality Administrator at Bloomsbury Institute. I am currently a Quality Manager (Secretariat) and a Secretary to committees (AC, SMLT, QAEC and others).


I have a particular interest in the transformational impact of HE on students life and how the perception is altered by the experience. Outside work, I am interested in sports with climbing and cycling being my favourite, travelling and other activities helping me to broaden my knowledge and understanding of the surrounding world.

I am combining personal interests with my parental duties by involving my family in outdoor sport activities and travelling.

Qualifications, Affiliations and Memberships

  • MRes, International Relations
  • BA (Hons), International Security