Laptop Offer – Bloomsbury Institute London

Laptop Offer

Bloomsbury Institute’s Laptop Offer is part of our commitment to making higher education accessible to everyone. 

To ensure that you have all that you need to complete your studies with us, we have pledged to provide a free laptop to each new Bloomsbury Institute student. 

You’ll receive a free laptop for the duration of your degree at Bloomsbury Institute, enabling you to fully engage in all course-related and extra-curricular activities. You can even keep the laptop once you’ve successfully completed your degree with us. 

Am I eligible? 

All students who enrol with Bloomsbury Institute from October 2022 are eligible for a laptop. This applies to both domestic and international students, studying any of our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.  

All you need to do is successfully enrol on to one of our courses and have your fees confirmed.

Do I have to pay for a laptop? 

No, not at all. You will receive a laptop free of charge, with no hidden costs. 

For further information, please see our Laptop Offer Terms & Conditions.