Pre-CAS credibility interviews

A UKVI credibility interview is part of the Student visa application process. The interview is conducted by a UKVI Officer to assess whether the applicant is genuine or not.

Not all applicants will be interviewed. Only applicants from non-low risk countries making an application from their country of nationality or residence will be interviewed.

In order to assist you with preparing for this interview, the Compliance Manager will conduct a pre-CAS credibility interview to help reduce your chances of a UKVI credibility visa refusal.

The interview will include questions about your intended course of study, the reason for choosing to study in the UK and with us, study gaps and your future plans after completing the course. The interview will be held electronically or via telephone and will take approximately 30 minutes. Feedback regarding the interview will be provided in writing within 2 working days.

It is important to note that if you receive a credibility visa refusal, any subsequent visa applications may also be at a higher risk of being refused. Hence why it is important for you to prepare well for the pre-CAS interview in order to do well in the UKVI credibility interview.

For more information about pre-CAS credibility interviews, please click here.